Belkin usb wireless adapter validating identity

03-Jul-2017 09:34

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Please, if you need detailed information about a particular router, network adapter, or wireless configuration utility program, refer to the manufacturer's documentation, which should be available at their support web site.

Information about default settings is publicly available by web search.

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To set up the connection to Comcast: 1) No user name or password is required for the WAN connection 2) Get external IP address automatically (dynamically) using DHCP 3) Get name servers (DNS) automatically 4) No hostname or domain name is required.If still not connecting, check your IP address, and if it starts 169.254.*, check that firewall software is not blocking the connection.If all else fails, on a Windows PC you may need to uninstall/reinstall the device driver for your wireless network adapter.This information is also publicly available by web search.

Refer to Netgear's web site for documentation (use the router's model number and version information, usually found on a label on the base of the unit).Then disable and re-enable the connection before retrying (Network and Sharing Center / Manage Network Connections) - In OSX the profiles are saved under System Preferences / Network settings for Airport - If using Dell, Intel, Linksys, Netgear, SMC or other software to manage your wireless connection on Windows XP or earlier, you may need to reconnect and manually save the required profile.