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30-Dec-2017 01:05

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I obviously think they scored the fight wrong, but that doesn't mean I hate the UFC or the judges.

Hell, I know I personally couldn't go out there and perfectly judge every single fight. Alright, I just watched the Bisping - Hamill fight on the replay, and I still feel that Hamill one, but it was obviously a very close fight in the last two rounds.

No wonder the net is going crazy with the idea that the fight was fixed. Being all smug about his win saying he out boxed him. I say forget about Hamill and start feeding him to the dogs!! He needs to drop into the middleweight and even there he won't stand a chance with that division improving as well.

There is a petiion flying around about getting the fight overturned but I doubt that will do any good. Anderson Silva, Rich Franklin, Goulet, Macdonald, Terry Martin, Kampman, and Okami would all destroy Bisping no problem.

Bisping on the other hand stands no chance against these top light-heavy weights.

He needs to go into the 185 division where his size can make a difference.

I was completly stunned by what the final decision was and can not figure how the judges scored the fight.

You have two judges scoring 29 - 28 for Bisping and the other judge scoring 30 - 27 Hamill it does not make sense how can you have one judge scoring a complete domination and the other two saying the other guy won yet they are all apparently watching the same fight and going by the same marking criteria.

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Even judging the entire fight is going to leave room for controversy.The two Judges who gave the fight to Bisping both said that in rounds two and three, Hamill tired and Bisping landed a lot of jabs and counters.

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