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Those pleas for help landed Daniel in mental hospitals, where infractions like refusing to take medicine were easily dealt with: Daniel was strapped to a bed and injected with sedatives.

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Under the harsh fluorescent lights of the Bi-Mart, Catherine's narrow face is mapped with fine lines and abandoned by cosmetics.This is the home anger, frustration and mistrust built.She keeps her reasons in a silver briefcase, where court documents from nearly 10 years ago detail a dispute between Catherine and her mother, who revealed during the case that her daughter was born male.Catherine Carlson threads through the discount store, her hiking boots clopping against the linoleum.

She is numb to the shoppers who glance curiously as she plucks a pair of long underwear from a sales rack.That cemented a place for Daniel's name in public records. "It destroys my ability to be me." Her driver's license was first suspended in 2006 when she refused to pay a fine for driving without a seat belt.