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11-Aug-2017 10:00

" [report, Levi Johnston has filed a petition to have his monthly child support payments to Bristol reduced.

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PHOTOS: Text Messages Between Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston According to court documents obtained by Radar, Johnston, 24, and Palin, 23, reached a child custody stipulation in August 2010, allowing Johnston to see the child on Saturdays between a.m. The case was dismissed in September 2012 for lack of activity.

Considering Bristol and Dakota ended on bad terms, we expect this drama to be drawn out. P.'s custody dispute with baby daddy #1 Levi Johnston took seven years to reach a conclusion. " CLICK HERE to view "Celebrity Baby Momma/Daddy Drama!

" CLICK HERE to view "Celebrity Baby Momma/Daddy Drama!

One love child, two breakups and eight years after they first started dating, Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are still going at it in Wasilla.

Radar has exclusively learned that Johnston has dragged Palin back into court in Alaska in a bid to get more time with their five-year-old son, Tripp, and to curb Palin’s repeated trips out of state with the boy. Guess who thinks the 19-year-old's bod is a tad too furry? Let's chat: Do you prefer it when your guy shaves his body hair, or do you like it when there's a little fuzz?